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Gio In Regina… the death

Gio In Regina… the death of the creative?
Today I’m in the great city of Regina (please note the dripping sarcasim) at an art festival called “Bizzart”. Festival is actually pretty good, however it’s amazing to look around at all the “presenters” and notice how much stuff is alike. Due to my twisted nature, this had me thinking most of the day about the real lack of creativity around these days. It’s hard to come up with something new, something that hasen’t been done or seen before (this is also VERY true of the church). The question in my head is… is there just a lack of creativity in the world… OR… has the world lost it’s appreciation for the creative? Have we become whores to the unescapable saturation of the mighty “same-ness”. That wasn’t a set up for one of my earth shattering observations… I really don’t know.


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