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Unexpected things from a church

Unexpected things from a church annual meeting
Lakeview (my church) had it’s annual business meeting last night. Now, while I would normally rather have a monster truck’s booster cables attached to my testicles, I must admit that I walked away with something quite unexpected. Like most people, I tend to be more critical than optimistic. I often think about all the things that are wrong with my church, the things we do inefficiently, the few things we do outright horribly, our perpetual state of seemingly endless disorganization and just all the things I think we should be doing better. I expected much of the discussion at the business meeting to revolve around such things… I was wrong. Instead I was reminded that my church has done amazing things this year. I have grown in it, my wife has grown and been uplifted and encouraged here. A dear friend of ours has come to faith and is now plugged in here. I have learned here, fellowshipped here, been able to serve here, worshipped here and felt convicted here. I’ve seen my church meet needs this year, both inside the church and outside. Is my church perfect? No… not even close. But for one evening, the God of Grace whom I serve most inadequately, gently set my petty complaints aside and allowed me to be reminded of the blessing my church is to me. Thanks Lord… I needed that.


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