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Opening Our Eyes To Love

Opening Our Eyes To Love Needs
This coming weekend I will have the privilege of speaking at the weekend services. The preparations for my sermon have been quite painful for me personally as I continue recognize more of my own shortcomings in the area that I will be speaking on… Love.

Jesus told us to “love one another”. This is something we all know quite well intellectually, yet we often forget to put into action. A friend of mine once said “stop thinking for a minute and open your eyes to the love needs around you.” At first this statement sounded silly. As I Christian I’m always looking for opportunities to love people… aren’t I? But once I stopped, put all the Theology out of my mind and just looked around… it was like opening my eyes for the first time. I saw so many needs in so many people around me it frightened me. At that point I began to realize how unloving I have been. I give great lip service to love… but at the same time failed to actually meet the needs of even the people close to me. I am shamed. Every time I begin to see myself as some sort of Spiritual giant, God allows me to see and recognize where I still must grow, even in this most basic of issues… “Love one Another”.

For those of you who know me… I pray God will give you patience to put up with me as I learn and grow. Thank you for those of you who do that already!


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