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Underestimating The Importance Of Small

Underestimating The Importance Of Small Groups
I was asked by our churches small groups pastor to attend the annual Small Group Leader’s Retreat and lead a prayer and worship time tonight. I thought it sounded like fun so I agreed. As a part of the worship time, I asked the leaders (about 40 of them) to go around the circle and mention one amazing thing God has done in their groups. I expected the usual “he answered this prayer” and “thank God for our close relationships”, but what I heard was totally different. I heard stories of groups meeting each others financial needs. Groups going through a terminal illness of one of it’s members. Another group where certain members openly and freely expressed their doubts about their faith. Groups that shared in the joy of a new child. On and on the stories went for about 30 minutes. I was overwhelmed! I give a lot of lip service to the role and importance of small groups… but I don’t think I ever truly “got it”. Tonight I “got it”. Gathering together on Sundays for corporate teaching and worship is important… but small groups is where CHURCH really happens. If you know a small group leader… encourage them! To those of you that are small group leaders, you are my heroes! read a little about my church’s small groups program…


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