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Does The US and England

Does The US and England Have The Right To Attack Iraq?
This is a huge issue in the world right now. To be honest I’m not even totally clear on my own thoughts on the issue. President Bush (who I happen think is a very good president for the US) says it’s wrong to “do nothing”. I can see his point. No one wants to see another 9/11 happen when something could have been done about it in advance. But it does raise a couple of interesting international moral and ethical questions.

First of all, Iraq hasn’t actually done anything to the US or the British yet. Imagine a scenario where you go over to your next door neighbors house and beat the crap out of him… then claim “self defense” because you were pretty sure he WOULD have done something to you eventually anyway. Our own laws say you would be guilty of doing something wrong.

Next, imagine how the world would react if China attacked Japan claiming that Japan once invaded them many years ago and believe that they have the recourses to do it again if they wanted to. What do you think the US reaction would be? What do you think the reaction the rest of the world would be? Instant condemnation. There is no way the West would tolerate such an action by the Chinese. Why does the Bush administration think they can get away with it?

Third, British PM Tony Blair says they must attack Iraq because “they may have weapons of mass destruction”. Ummm… forgive me if I’m wrong… but don’t Britan and the US have more weapons of mass destruction than anyone else in the world? Why don’t they allow UN weapons inspectors to come in and dismantle all their missiles? What makes us above the law? The other issue is that Iraq MAY have weapons of mass destruction. The fact of the matter is there is no concrete evidence to support that claim yet.

Look, do I think Saddam is bad for the world? Yes. Do I want to see him removed? Yes. But there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. At this point, without provocation or sufficient evidence I feel it would be morally, ethically and by our own standards legally wrong to attack a sovereign nation to remove it’s leader because “George doesn’t like him”. Another key fact in all this is that the majority of Americans feel they shouldn’t attack Iraq without the support of the United Nations. Right now they don’t yet have that support. It will be interesting to see how this whole thing plays out. Read the CNN story…


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