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Old Thoughts On The Importance

Old Thoughts On The Importance Of Youth Ministry
I was digging through some boxes last night and came across this old article I wrote for a local Christian newspaper. I probably wrote it about 6 years ago, but it’s still exactly what I believe. Here’s just a short excerpt:

Youth have a greater sense of idealism than adults. Notice I didn’t say naivety. Young people maintain a greater sense of being able to change the world than we adults typically do, and therefore are more embraced by the high call that Jesus gave to reach and help a hurting world. It’s an unfortunate truth that as we grow older some of us allow a worldly skepticism to replace the dream God gives and we begin to aim much lower. Our dreams of changing the world can become replaced with dreams of better Sunday School rooms. Our dreams of changing lives becomes goals of not letting our church shrink. But Youth seem to be less affected by this. They are bored by mundane goals or dreams. Tell a Youth Group that the goal this year is to throw better birthday parties for people and watch them yawn. However, challenge a group with the thought of changing your whole city by reaching them with the gospel, feeding hungry people, clothing the naked, visiting the sick and imprisoned… you’ll see their eyes light up, you’ll see drool form at the sides of their mouths, in other words you’ll visibly see them becoming embraced by the high dream that God wants to give us. I think we as adults and the church as a whole have much to learn from this kind of “child like” enthusiasm that God longs to see us engulfed in again.


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