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Something To Think About Found

Something To Think About
Found this little ramblings on Seven Magazine:

as we seek this day to understand, let us love our enemies and lift them in prayer; let us not point fingers, but hold hands; let us not shout blame, but talk peace; let us not seek to bring glory to men, but to bring glory to God. i am amazed that we wave flags, yet forget how to embrace; we shout revenge, yet God calls us to forgive and forget. it is a hard road to forgiveness, but one worth the trip and one we must take as a people. when we forgive, healing will come – it is when we fight to remember that the sacrs will never close and the healing will never take place. when we fight evil with evil, evil wins. it is when we do good to those who harm us, when we love those who hate us, when we embrace those who push us, when we understand those who refuse to talk with us, we become closer to God.

our walk is not a walk of war, for any reason. our walk is a walk of peace. a walk of love and a walk of grace. when we harm those who harm us we violate the teachings of christ – if we open our hearts and love those who hate us we walk in light. now, i am not saying this is easy – it’s not. but it is what we are are called to do –


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