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Powerful thoughts from GinkWorld The

Powerful thoughts from GinkWorld
The question was asked: ďaren’t there just some hard questions Christianity just can’t answer?Ē. Ginkworld posted this great response:

I believe Christian teachings have the answer to all life problems; we just donít want to hear the teachings. No matter the problem, Christian teaching can help; we just donít like the answers. Most of the time people who want to deny Christís teachings do so because they say they are too ďsimplistic.Ē But letís face it, everything is simple; Jesus teaches that we should personally care for those in need, but we donít. You see, the problem is not the teachings itís the followers. People want to complain and do noting, or they want to write a check and do nothing, or worse yet, they expect others to do it for them.

What is the easiest way to end hunger? Simple, invite a hungry person over to share your food. What is the easiest way to solve the homeless issue? Simple, invite a homeless person over your house and give them a place to stay. You see, itís not that Christianity does not teach how to deal with these issues; it is that those who claim to be a follower do not truly follow. Why do we make the issue so complicated? But people will say, ďI donít have to invite a homeless person over to live with me to show I care, I can write a check to the shelter. That is why we have shelters, so we can care for them there.Ē Care? How does that show you care? What it shows is a willingness to make your life less dirty, more linier, but I do not see how one cares. You see, we donít like opening our homes, we donít like sharing what we have worked so hard for, we donít like breaking our little routine with human drama. So you see, it is not that Christianity does not have the answers to hard questions Ė itís that Christians donít want to live by the answers.

I wish more of us (myself included) would wrestle with questions like this more.


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