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MEETINGS� None of us is

MEETINGS� None of us is as dumb as all of us!
The framework of �teamwork� has been much discussed in today�s church leadership circles. Unfortunately it seems that the churches that talk most about teamwork are the ones that neglect it the most. Just got home from my friend Jordon�s place. He and I generally talk about faith and church in our context when we get together (as well as hockey and the consumption of a sinful amount of pizza). I find that most of my good ideas (as limited as they are) and inspiration come from casual encounters like these. Wouldn�t it be funny if a contemporary paradigm of leadership could come from as old an idea as believers just getting together and sharing their hearts? Gosh� almost sounds new testament-ish don�t it? In the kingdom, leaders really are greater together than are the sum of their parts.


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