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Would anyone care for a

Would anyone care for a Diet Jesus?
My friend Darren Freisen posted this on his blog the other day, it was so good I thought I should re-post it here:

Could it be that we have accepted a diet Jesus? The clean cut Anglo-Saxon messiah, draped in white, speaking aphorisms in a mid-Atlantic accent. A saviour stripped of his potency and subversive nature. The Lord of the status quo, of mediocre religion, of a compliant and unquestioning Church. The historical figure who meekly takes his place amongst the ranks of the great sages of history. If we have accepted this ‘diet Jesus’ is it any wonder that in the West the Church is struggling? Is it any wonder that the people of the anaesthetized first world struggle to relate to the Jesus of the cross? Is it any wonder that the Church of the two thirds world is growing at a massive rate? By the year 2000 Africa, the least developed continent on the planet, the war torn continent, the malnourished continent will be the most Christian continent. Do we say daily, like the crowd who witnessed Jesus heal a paraplegic beggar who had been lowered through a roof: We have never seen anything like this!


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