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I have a great family

I have a great family
Over the last couple of days I’ve been talking to a bunch of friends that have had really unfortunate family situations growing up. Some with abusive situations, some from broken homes… the list goes on and on. Earlier today it dawned on me about how lucky I am to come from the home that I did.

My parents are still together, and while not perfect, they have both always loved and supported me, even when I would commit the occasional act of horrendous stupidity. My siblings are all terrific people and will undoubtedly achieve great things. Good times, bad times, hard times… my family has just been the one constant in my life.

Personally, I am less than a perfect son or brother. I’m the oldest one in my family by quite a bit while the rest of my siblings are much closer in age to each other. This age thing always made me kind of feel like an only child in a full house and never really knew how to fit in with my brother or sisters. This made me a lousy big brother. I also live 2500 kilometers from home and I don’t call my parents NEARLY enough. I really should. My mom and dad are awesome… and I miss them a lot.

Forgive the self-indulgence of this post… I’ve just been realizing that I’m truly fortunate to have the name Campea. I should go call my mom.


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