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The Beautiful and Dysfunctional Church

The Beautiful and Dysfunctional Church
For the last 6 months or so I have been really wrestling with the whole idea of the Church and what it’s supposed to be. On the one hand I’m totally discouraged by the current state of things. We argue, bicker, fight, tear down, destroy and do a horrible job of representing Jesus to a hurting world. We are prayerless, we are biblically ignorant and we’re completely out of touch with a culture we’re supposed to be serving. In North America we have a very westernized idea of our faith. We see Jesus as a white Republican who loves America (or Canada as the case may be). So very many things wrong with us. With all of us (me included).

On the other hand, I have seen lives changed in the Church. I’ve seen God touch people in a very real way through the hands of his followers. I’ve seen his people come together to worship and pray and serve, to feed the hungry and clothe the naked. How can such beauty and such dysfunctionallity exist at the same time in this thing we call “The Church”. What is “The Church” for that matter? I’m finding that the definitions we’ve used over the last 200 years just aren’t cutting it. The good thing about this dichotomy in the church is that it’s driving some people back to the Bible to try to re-imagine what the Church is supposed to be. It won’t be about embracing a new paradigm, it will be about rediscovering the Ancient Church, it will be about Jesus not religion, it will be about faith not form. I don’t exactly know what this church will look like, but I’m anxious to find out.


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