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A growing discontent with mainline

A growing discontent with mainline denominations
Through Jordon Cooper’s website, I found this interesting little post by Mark Riddle concerning his current view of mainline denominations. Here’s a little excerpt:

Part of the reason why I’ve left mainline denominations is their desire to submit to Handbooks rather than scripture… to denominational policy rather than God, to faithfulness to manmade criteria for ministry rather than biblical leadership. We wonder why God has left the building with so many of our churches… even denominations… because we’d rather follow our own rules and we are ok with settling for less than God’s best for us.

I don’t know that I totally agree with his assesment in general, but there are certianly elements of truth here, and somethings denominational leaders should really take a look at. For instance, when I was attending Lakeview Church, we did this big serise on “The preisthood of all believers”, and yet at the same time, as I was getting ready to speak at a youth retreat I found out we weren’t allowed to have communion together because denominational rules say only a “licensed” minister was allow to conduct communions. What a joke! How unbiblical is that!?! But hey… rules are rules right? Good grief.


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