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Adobe Premiere 6.5 great idea

Adobe Premiere 6.5 great idea for churches
Before becoming the Pastor here at Lakewood, I had worked for a couple of years at Satellite Animation Studios. They are a computer animation and visuall effects company that has done work on movies like “The One” with Jet Li and most recently “Spy Kids 2”. Working there had me doing a lot of video editing and my program of choice was usually Adobe Premiere. There are several reason why I think this editor is ideal for churches looking to step into multimedia. First of all is a relativly easy program to use. Unlike Final Cut Pro by Apple, or Avid systems, the basic functions can be learned in one sitting. The program is VERY mini-dv friendly (the new standard in consumer video camers) and has a load of special features. One of the biggest selling points for churches is that the 6.5 version had the ability to encode video into an MPEG-1 format. Why is that important? I’ve found that MPEG-1 video plays the best out of Microsoft PowerPoint (A program most churches use right now anyway). Quicktime and AVI’s have always caused problems for me using PowerPoint, but MPEG-1 is a nice ballance between file size and image quality. On top of all this Premiere 6.5 is far less expensive that most higher level editors, yet vastly superior to the slightly cheaper ones. You can buy a Pyro firewire card (the card that connects your camcorder to your computer) bundled with Premiere 6.5 software for about $450 canadian (about $300 US).


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