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Upgrading my Church Technology Ok,

Upgrading my Church Technology
Ok, my friend Jordon Cooper and I went out to breakfast this morning and then hit a couple of tech shops. After having our intelligence insulted at the local computer store, I wandered into a higher end video tech store. I’m sorta in the market for a new data projector for my church since the one we use right now belongs to an Elder in the church who graciously allows us to use it, and since we meet in a gym and the room is fully lit the image from the projector gets washed out… a more powerful projector is needed. Anyway, I tell the salesman I just want a brighter projector, I don’t need anything else, I don’t need the new bells and whistles, I just need a brighter projector. He proceeded to try to push only slightly brighter projectors on me with a ton of new technology in them for around $5000 (which is out of my price range). After wasting 30 minutes with this guy we said “good bye” and as I was leaving I caught a glimpse of a price sheet he was hiding from me that had a MUCH brighter projector listed without the new XGA technology for under $3000. Instead of showing me what I wanted, the guy tried for a half hour to get me to buy the more expensive unit. What did he get for his efforts? 1 less customer.


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