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Anyone have a spare London

Anyone have a spare London Drugs $4000 gift certificate?
I was in the new London Drugs last night and while I was in the computer section (a very good one at that) my eyes beheld the glory that is the 22 inch flat panel Apple Cinema Display computer monitor. Time stood still, and all sound became a distant buzz in my ears. For just a moment it was just the Cinema Display and me, alone in our own little universe. Good Grief the picture on this thing is absolutely breathtaking. Just for the record, I think Mac computers are a complete waste of physical space on an already overcrowded planet. I hate them. They’re slow, awkward, and for some reason priced WAY too high. Yes they look cool, but so does the devil. Having said that, I have to admit they do a GREAT job with their monitors. These Cinema Displays are no exception. Too bad they only work on Mac’s. (a single tear rolls down my cheek)


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