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Needing to rethink evangelism I

Needing to rethink evangelism
I had breakfast with a friend of mine today who is also a pastor here in town. We started to talk about various ways we could “evangelize” Saskatoon. This brought up some thoughts I’ve been having over the last couple of months about this topic. It seems that over the last 20 years “evangelism” has been our ability to take, package and market a basic conversion message to people. But I’m starting to believe that this form of evangelism is not only outdated and ineffective, but possibly also unbiblical. People in our culture need to actually SEE Jesus, not just hear about him in some 3 minute gospel message. The scriptures make it clear that we (the church) are to be the living representation of Jesus to the world. The implications of this are quite far reaching. For people to want to develop a relationship with God, they must first see Him in action through the church. They want to see changed lives, they want to see us involved in social action, they want to see us living with integrity, they want to see us meeting needs, they want to see us pouring out grace, they want to see us showing compassion, they want to see us living by our convictions and they want to see us conducting our lives as if we believe the Gospel is true. In other words… they need to see us being the living representation of Jesus. Until the culture we live in sees this sort of radical counter-cultural living, our “witness” is utterly useless and only makes us look all the more like hypocrites. In this new era, I don’t see people making quick spontaneous “decisions” for Jesus. Instead, I see people seeing Jesus in the church or other christians around them, becoming captivated by the life He gives, and gradually through a process of seeing, discussing and realizing, coming to a point where they also want to walk with and follow Him. I’m still not completely sure how this all works itself out, but I’m convinced we in the church need to start having the questions asked. Many more thoughts on this… but I need to go to bed. Will write more later.


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