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Too involved in church Last

Too involved in church
Last week I had a meeting with the leadership of my church. I wish you could meet them. They are a committed group of people who love the church and love the people in the church. Just awesome folks! One of the last things on my agenda was to ask them to cut back their involvement. You see, some of our leaders are so dedicated that they serve in 4, 5 or 6 different areas in the church. This much involvement can lead to burnout in the long run? but it also takes time away from others areas of life. Time to be alone, time to be with your family, and time to build relationships with others outside the church. I found this article at Relevant Magazine’s website. It talks about Hyper-Active Church Involvement (HACI) and how it takes us away from vital things in our life. Here’s an excerpt:

HACI doesn’t leave us with much time left to get involved in other areas of life. Even if our job is in a secular environment, we have a hard time getting together with unsaved coworkers outside of work because we’re busy with church activities. (And of course it’s always a better idea to get to know someone in a one-on-one or small group setting before dousing them in the full church experience). We can’t get involved in some club on campus or sports team offered through the community because practice is on Tuesdays at the same time as our accountability group. What we’re left with is lots of ingestion of spiritual food and not one person to share it with. We’re not evangelizing because we don’t know anyone to evangelize to. We don’t have people to evangelize to because we’re so immersed in church activities that we don’t have time to get involved in anything else that would bring non-Christians into our lives. And because we’re not evangelizing, we’re bored and discouraged and stuck.

I really enjoyed this one. Take a few minutes and give it a read.


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