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Something beautiful about community Community

Something beautiful about community
Community has sort of been my big word of the month. Last night, my church had it’s annual Christmas party. Besides that fact that the food was great and the company delightful (did I just use the word delightful?) something much more significant jumped out at me. You have to understand that we have a small church, probably around 100-120 people on any given Sunday. But at this party, no matter where you looked, visible expressions of community could be seen. In the kitchen there were people of every demographic helping and chatting, at the tables people laughing and sharing stories of the past year, around the corners I could see people talking about problems and pains while others listened and encouraged. during the evening there was a talent show, and each act (no matter how good) received loud ovations worthy of Pavoratti himself. People looked on with huge smiles on their faces because the individuals on the stage were all folks they knew, and belonged in a community with. Despite the fact that I got sick from something I ate and had to run home before the end of the evening, it was a wonderful night. I’ve only been the Pastor here about 5 weeks or so… and yet the more I get to know this community, the more I feel I’d like to be here for a long long time. Community a beautiful thing… when it works.


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