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Touch Not God’s Anointed! A

Touch Not God’s Anointed!
A few years ago I was a Youth Pastor in a charismatic church in Hamilton Ontario. Although I believe in the gifts I wouldn’t classify myself as charismatic. At any rate, something that would drive me crazy was when big name “teachers” came to our church and would teach the most wacked out, cocaine induced nonsense, and then if you DARED try to question the teaching they would hit you with the “Touch not God’s anointed!” line. Benny Hinn was especially bad for this sort of thing. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with the charismatic movment at all. There are always a few wackos in every camp. I found this article dealing with this issue from the Clarity Ministries International website. You should read the whole thing, but here’s a short excerpt:

Such is the case when a pastor, evangelist, Bible teacher, missionary, author, or teacher of God’s Word uses the statement “touch not God’s anointed” to mean no one should question or force accountability upon them because they are specially anointed ones. They see themselves as being above the kind of accountability that they demand from others. Instead, they want exclusive control with unlimited power. They habitually overemphasize their own importance and their authority. Such men or organizations usually claim the right to insist upon total loyalty and agreement from their followers because their “authority” is often portrayed as of divine origin. They may promote themselves as God’s Man, or God’s Church or Organization.


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