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The Post-Modern rejection of denominations

The Post-Modern rejection of denominations
While driving with Jordon Cooper in a car for about 4 hours last night, we started discussing the issue of Post-Modernists in the church systematically beginning to reject denominations. To put this in context, Jordon and I have been talking about the idea of putting on a Canadian gathering of younger evangelicals to converse about the issues of church, faith, life and spirituality. At one point I mentioned that my denomination may be willing to help by putting some money towards it. Jordon responded by saying the event would loose all credibility if we took money from a denomination. We could take corporate money? that would be fine? but money from a denomination would be bad. Now, Jordon wasn’t saying it SHOULD be bad to take assistance from a denomination, just that people in these post-modern circles have very negative views of them. Why is that? Yes it’s true that many denominations exist just to exercise power over local churches, and yes many have abused that power. They can demand conformity instead of encouraging individuality, they hold the deeds to the land and buildings that churches meet in to maintain their control over them, and some denominations even have to approve who a local congregation appoints as their pastor. This is all wrong. However, not all are like this. Take my “denomination” for example. They never tell us what to do or how to do it. They don’t tell us who we can hire and who we can’t. All I’ve seen them do is encourage us, provide resources to us and act as the connection point between all the churches in our organization. In other words, our denomination sees it’s main function as acting as a conduit of community. Funny, we in the post-modern circles are always touting the word “community”. Wouldn’t it be ironic if we exercise a wholesale rejection of denominations, the good with the bad, without recognizing the community potential that lies within them? Just my two cents worth.


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