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The role of Art in

The role of Art in Faith, and Faith in Art
In Northern Eurpoe Van Eyck (1380-1441) was the one who opened the door for nature in a new way. He began to paint real nature. In 1410, a very important date in the history of art, he produced a tiny miniature. It measures only about five inches by three inches. But it is a painting with tremendous significance because it contains the first real landscape. It gave birth to every background that came later during the Renaissance. The theme is Jesus’ baptism, but this takes up only a small section of the area. There is a river in the background, a very real castle, houses, hills and so on. This is a real landscape; nature has become important. After this, such landscapes spread rapidly from the north to the south of Europe.
Francis A. Schaeffer – Escape From Reason


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