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Jesus wouldn’t drop bombs on

Jesus wouldn’t drop bombs on people
Ok, I know this post will probably rub a bunch of people the wrong way… but oh well. A friend of mine (who doesn’t attend church) asked me the other day what Christians should think about war. The debate can be a complex one, but then I remembered a story told by Tony Campollo that seemed to put it all in perspective:

When I became a Christian, the Korean War was in progress. It was an incredible experience because I didn’t know whether or not to accept the draft. I had a conversation with a colonel, and we argued back and forth. He said to me, “What’s your problem?” “My problem is I want to do what Jesus would do.” “Could you get in a plane, fly over an enemy village and drop bombs?” I said, “I could get in the plane. I could fly over the enemy village. But when I was about to release the bomb, at that moment I would have to say, ‘Jesus, if you were in my place, would you drop the bombs?'” And I remember the colonel yelling back to me, “That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Everybody knows Jesus wouldn’t drop bombs on people!” That colonel probably knew more about Jesus than most Baptist preachers that I know.


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