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The Two Towers – Wow!

The Two Towers – Wow! Wow! Wow!
Just walked out of the theatre and I’m just sitting here in Starbucks. The movie was everything I hoped it would be. The only slightly weak point of the film are the Ents… but even they aren’t that bad. The film captures a truly wide scope that gave you the sense that the whole world of middle earth was at war. Two Towers deviated at little more from the book than the first film, but not really that much. The battle of Helm’s Deep is now easily the greatest battle scene ever captured in a movie. My jaw just hung open for about 30 minutes straight. The character of Golem looked FANTASTIC, and yes, as a CG character he beat anything I’ve seen in a Star Wars movie. Must go now, have to get in line to see it again… and again.


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