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Getting online with McWi-Fi For

Getting online with McWi-Fi
For those of you who may not yet know, Wi-Fi is basically a wireless internet access. How it works is that you set up a Base Station somewhere in your building (they run as low as about $150 CND) and plug your high speed internet cable into it. The base station then broadcasts your internet connection up to about 200 feet (depending on the model). You then attach a Wi-Fi receiver card to your laptop (they also come in PCI or external USB) and youíre instantly connected to high speed internet anywhere within the range of the Base Station. Some friends of mine have it and itís VERY cool.

McDonalds has just announced that by the end of 2003, over 300 of their restaurants will have Wi-Fi. They also said that by the end of 2004, all McDonalds in North America will be equipped. All youíll need is a laptop computer with a receiver of some sorts and youíre ready to be online while eating your Big Mac. Many hotels and coffee shops are already using this technology to attract clients into their places of business. With McDonalds now on board, Wi-Fi will probably become a mainstay.

A few of us in my church have been thinking about installing a Base Station in our office and allow anyone who comes onto our complex (our offices are in a strip plaza that we share with a health salon, gym, and restaurant) can use our internet connection if they have a receiver on there laptops. The restaurant obviously loves this idea. My friend Jordon has been encouraging me to do it as well.


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