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In war, whose side is

In war, whose side is God on?
A friend of mine pointed me to this wonderful article printed in the Hamilton Spectator. You’ll find and excerpt from it below. Read the whole article if you have the time, but make sure your read the quote from Abraham Lincon at the bottom of my post.

So then, whose side is God taking in the Iraq war? He’s on the side of the soldier, regardless of uniform, who lays down his life sacrificially.

He’s on the side of the child, regardless of nationality, searching for his family in the rubble that was once home. He’s with the grief-stricken, the lonely, the desperate and the broken-hearted.

This God, who knows suffering so well, is also with those like the disgraced criminal dying on a cross beside Christ, who asked Jesus to simply remember him when entering his kingdom. Yes, Easter’s God, it seems, is rather passionately on the side of these so-called “losers.”

And what might this mean for Iraq?

Turn to Abraham Lincoln, who found his own faith when asking whose side providence took when 600,000 Americans lost their lives in that brutal Civil War. “It’s quite possible,” Lincoln said “that God’s purpose is something different from either party.”

Once again, you can read the whole article by clicking here


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