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withdrawl or involvement – A

withdrawl or involvement – A prayer of reflection:
Lord, when you were in our world, you were fully involved.

You loved the people you met and you loved the details of their lives and hearts.

You also showed us that to be fully involved, there are times when we need to withdraw.

You withdrew from people in order to learn to love them more, to listen to the Father’s voice.

Help us in our shaky footsteps to follow your example.

Thank you for those who devote their lives to listening to your voice and to interceding for the world.

For the times when we withdraw from people because it infringes on our comfort zones, we ask your forgiveness.

We are sorry when through selfishness, laziness or fear, we prefer to stay within our self-containedness rather than risk making ourselves vulnerable to others and their pain and the details of their lives.

We pray for the willingness to get involved in this world of endless opportunities and for the wisdom to discern
your guiding voice.

When our lives become over-busy, gently remind us to create space just to be, and to be with others.

When our lives feel empty and lonely, gently remind us to invite you and others in.

Whether in times of withdrawal or of active involvement, we seek your embrace.

Thank you for entering into our world.
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