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10 year old girl murdered

10 year old girl murdered in Toronto
The old saying of “The exception that proves the Rule” would be appropriate to this situation. Toronto Ontario is probably the safest, and cleanest large city in the world… HOWEVER, this morning when I turned on the radio I heard of the tragic death of 10 year old Holly Jones. It seems the entire city is in mourning and gripped in a sense of outrage. It’s the lead on every newscast, the front page of every paper. The overall safety of this city makes this horrific crime stand out all the more. The girl went missing Monday night, and parts of her body were discovered Tuesday morning.

Many people are using this situation to push their agenda of a national sex offender registration. To me this is stupid. Not that the idea is stupid, but what’s the point in starting a political debate the day after a young girl is murdered? Even if we had a registration, it would only help in the apprehension of the monster that did this… even the police say it wouldn’t have stopped the crime from happening in the first place. Have the debate later… don’t let the grief of Holly’s family be the soapbox you debate from.


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