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Man, being a Christ follower

Man, being a Christ follower can be hard
I was talking to a good friend of mine out here in Ontario named Steve. Anyway, Steve was just telling me that his father totally rejects the Christian faith because is it’s inherent hypocrisy. When Steve pressed him to explain what he meant, the father said that he read in the bible how Christians are supposed to sell their things and give to the poor. Anyway, he went on to say that he sees Christians driving expensive cars and living in big houses as much as anyone. His lingering question was “so what’s the point in being a Christian?”

I have been wrestling with questions like this one for some time now. “What does it mean to be a Christ follower?” Is it all just believing in Jesus and what He did for us? Maybe, but didn’t Jesus say we had to take up our crosses and follow him? Didn’t He express His disdain for hypocrisy? Didn’t He say you would know a tree by it’s fruit? What kind of fruit am I really producing in my life? I’m afraid that if I really ask that question I may find that the only fruit I’m producing is the kind that doesn’t affect how I live my life. I’m in bondage to materialism as much as any “non-Christian” I know. It’s been years since I really fed a hungry person. It’s been years since I sold one of my own possessions to meet the needs of another person. I can only really think of 2 times in my life that I took someone without a real home into my own house.

Jesus loves me. I know this. But I’m becoming disillusioned by how little I allow that amazing love to change me, to mould me, to shape me into the very image of Christ. I’ve allowed Jesus to be my saviour without being my Lord. I’ve allowed Him to be my rescuer without allowing Him to be my God. I look around and I see a church in North America that is apparently just like me. I know what I must do, the scriptures make it clear… but I wonder if I have the courage to do it… the courage to actually follow Him, to be like Him.

In the North American church we often thank God in our prayers for allowing us to live in a rich culture like we do… but we’ve forgotten that Jesus said “Woe to you that are rich”, and “blessed are the poor”. What do we do with this kind of stuff?

No wonder Jesus warned people who wanted to follow Him. “Foxes have holes, birds have nests, it you follow me you may not even have a place to sleep tonight!”. I haven’t the strength in my own flesh. All I can do is be driven to my knees and pray for more mercy and grace, to pray that Christ will change me… and that I will have the courage to allow Him to do so. Can anyone else relate?


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