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The Taz Culture My friend

The Taz Culture
My friend Mike Gingerich wrote the very insightful thought on his website the other day about a suitable mascot for our culture.

Over the last 5 or so days i have noticed something that “i” find intersting. I have walked and driven around my neighborhood and was shocked to find the amount of vehicles adorned with Tazmanian Devil decals, stickers, floor mats, car seat covers. I first thought that maybe people figured they where a bad ass and needed a mascot to represent how truly untameable they are. The more i thought about it the more it occurred to me that, Taz is the a very suitting mascot for our culture. I think that Taz/culture is about more, more food, more money, more stuff and just more of whatever. Taz wants things quickly he has no patience. Taz devours things in his path and cares little for anything coming up behind he doesn’t feel any global responsibilty. he cares about very few if anyone else. Compared to how most people live me included i think Taz is a perfect mascot. Sad but true i guess.


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