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PC Party off to a

PC Party off to a bad start for election campaing
As a guy who is going to vote Liberal in the upcoming election, I guess I should be THRILLED I am that Peter MacKay won the PC leadership. This guy is going to self destruct this party faster than you can say “Stockwell who?” The process has already begun.

At the same time, as a Canadian I’m disappointed. Even though I vote Liberal, I often lament that there isn’t any REAL alternative for us Canadians to consider politically. No one to seriously threaten the “status quo”. I was hoping the PC delegates would show some common sense and bring in a person who could re-establish some credibility to themselves. Alas, they did not. Looks like the Alliance will form the opposition. How sad. I do want Paul Martin as the next Prime Minister. I just don’t want him by default because no one else could challenge him.


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