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John Campea – Member of the Liberal Party of Canada
Ok, so about a year ago I decided to become an official member of the Liberal Party of Canada. At the time, the main reason for doing it was to irk my good buddy Jordon Cooper who bleeds Progressive Conservative Blue (he actually once ran against former Saskatchewan Premier Roy Romanow). However, I recently realized that I never actually sent in my forms to register as an official member. So now I’m going ahead and joining for 3 reasons. 1) To Irk good buddy Jordon Cooper. 2) To Irk good buddy Curtis Boldt. 3) To see if I can actually participate in trying to make my country a better place.

I just finished reading Michael Moore’s book “Stupid White Men”. I hardly agreed with everything Michael talked about in the book, but one thing did stick with me… any person CAN help influence the direction of his/her community by getting involved. So, taking that to heart, I’m joining the political party that I currently seem to be most in agreement with… the Liberals. I know the Liberals aren’t a “Christian” party, but guess what folks, no party in Canada (and that includes the Alliance) is a “Christian” Party. Nor should there be. I just happen to think the policies of the Liberals are better for our country than those of the opposing parties. That could change, but for now that’s the way I see it. What on earth am I getting myself into?


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