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If it wasn’t sealed before,

If it wasn’t sealed before, it is now. Get used to saying “Prime Minister Martin”
Many other prominent Liberals have already declared support for Paul Martin’s bid to become the next leader of the Federal Liberal Party, but Federal Industry Minister Allan Rock is definitely the highest profile one to date. Rock, who was himself a candidate to lead the Liberals at one time, threw his endorsement to Paul Martin today in what has to be the death blow to the ambitions of Deputy Prime Minister John Manley and Heritage Minister Sheila Copps, the two other runners for the leadership. If Copps and Manley have any common sense, they’ll see the writing on the wall, drop out of the race and start to build party momentum heading into the upcoming election. Most Canadians (regardless of political affiliation) agree that the only thing that can prevent a Liberal Majority victory at the upcoming election is a total Party internal breakdown. Copps and Manley should hop on board with what is obviously the will of their Party and wait until the next election to make their bids for the leadership. After all, at his age, Martin will probably only serve one term.


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