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Senior Pastors could learn something

Senior Pastors could learn something from Tony Soprano and Jerry Seinfeld
Just read this great story about Soprano’s star James Gandolfini, who actually took a chunk of his salary (about a half million chunk) and gave it to a bunch of his fellow cast members. James said the reason he did it was because the success of the Soprano’s is a team effort, and the rest of the team deserve recognition.

Jordon and I have talked a lot lately about how many churches have HUGE salary disparities between the Senior Pastor and other full time Pastors on staff. I personally know of a couple of churches where the Senior Pastor makes enough money to own several vehicles, buy boats or trailers or cottages and take several wonderful vacations with their families a year. There’s nothing wrong with that in and of itself. However, in those same churches there are others on staff who work just as hard, as many hours and make just as much impact (if not more) as the Senior Pastor and yet don’t earn enough money to repair their one broken down car (let alone several), can barley make ends meet month-to-month, and can’t even dream about taking their families on vacation anywhere other than relatives places. There is something wrong with this.

I’m no exception. As a Senior Pastor I made roughly about $16 an hour. Now, that’s not a lot, but its not too bad either. However, my youth Pastor was only making around $10 an hour. She had a Bible College degree, she worked hard, and yet I was making more than 1/3rd more than her. If I had any guts at all I would have taken $2 an hour from me and given it to her to balance things out a little bit. I have no excuse, I was selfish. The Senior Pastors in those other churches I was mentioning have even less excuses than I do, since they’re pulling down around $25-$28 an hour with other fulltime pastoral staff only making about $12 an hour in the same churches. How is this remotely fair? How is this right? Dare I say it? How is this godly?

Some Senior Pastors (myself included) develop an ego-centric idea that they’re big stuff. That they are the reason for “things happening in this church”. They start to think highly of themselves, and begin to believe that they SHOULD make more than double and sometimes triple the money than others on their staff. We could really learn a lesson in humility from Jerry Seinfeld who said in one of his live shows “Look at me. I’m as big as it gets! And I’m still shit”. Just my to cents worth.


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