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A much needed good day

A much needed good day
Wow, I had a good day yesterday. I slept in, went to the gym, made myself lunch and sat on the balcony (it was a beautiful day outside) to read my newest book, got to babysit my friendís BEAUTIFUL little baby girl for the afternoon (she fell asleep on me for about an hour) and watched a funny DVD. Later, Allison got home from a small group camping trip and we had a really good evening. We went for a long drive, got some ice cream at the local Dairy Queen and talked for a while. At around 10pm I joined a friend of mine at a local bar where we drank coke and ate some chicken wings until about midnight. Yes, overall it was a very good day.

To be honest, Iíve been needing a day like yesterday for a while. Itís been tough dealing with the disappointment of Lakewood (the church I just resigned from). My heart is still broken over the whole thing. Itís hard when you think youíre going to be in a place for years, you invest yourself emotionally and physically, and then you realize that itís never going to work. Iím glad I decided to leave, but itís still hard and I think I havenít yet realized how hurt I am and how deeply disappointed I really feel about the whole thing. However, days like yesterday are a great reminder that there is always tomorrow, life goes on, God is still good and there are more adventures to be had!


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