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Prime Minister Jean Chrétien nails it on the head
2 homosexual related issues are up front in the Canadian public right now. 1) Homosexuals have just received the right to legally marry. And 2) A bill in the house of commons that would essentially make discriminating against homosexuals a “hate” crime. Christians in Canada fear that if this Bill passes ministers in churches who preach against the lifestyle of homosexuality could be charged with a crime, or worse, it could open the door to the outlawing of the Bible itself as “hate literature”. Personally, I say “bring it on”, since the church has throughout history thrived under persecution and become extremely soft with too much “freedom”. We could use a good persecution. Maybe it would make us remember who we are and what we’re supposed to be about. But I digress.

From a strictly political point of view, the problem with this Bill is that is interferes on another protected freedom, the freedom of religion. I was watching Prime Minister Jean Chrétien on CPAC tonight taking questions from journalism students. One student asked the Prime Minister about these two issues, and I thought he answered brilliantly.

Society changes. We used to have slavery, but now that’s gone. Women couldn’t vote, but now that’s gone. The homosexual community was once a fair target, and that needs to go too. Our society is changing with regards to the rights of homosexuals in Canada, and those rights should be guarded and protected. But you have to be careful not to purchase a freedom with the sacrifice of another freedom.

Yes, we should protect the rights of the homosexual community, but not at the expense of throwing religious freedom out into the street. We must find a way to protect the rights of homosexuals while also protecting the rights of churches and religious groups to interpret and practice their religion. We cannot have one at the expense of the other.


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