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Some interesting lessons from Robin

Some interesting lessons from Robin Williams
I sat in my nearly empty apartment this evening (getting ready to move) and watched the Robin Williams Live on Broadway DVD. Robin is a very funny man, but his stand up comedy can be REALLY crude. Having said that, there was about a 15 minute segment where he joked a lot about religion. Some of it was quite offensive, but something jumped out at me. It struck me that through all the jokes, you could tell that Robin seems to have an actual respect for Jesus, but really doesn’t like Christians… particularly fundamentalist Christians.

I’m finding that many non-Christian people I know find the message and teachings of Jesus Christ quite appealing, but are immediately turned off by the church. Isn’t it ironic that we’re the ones who are supposed to be pointing people to Jesus, and yet we seem to be the ones that keep most people away.

When Robin Williams sees someone like Mother Theresa, living out the kind of life that Christ calls us to, he is amazed and impressed. But then he sees the fundamentalist Pat Robertson bad mouthing Mother Theresa saying that she isn’t a real Christian. In his routine, Robin shoots back at Robertson saying “What the hell does she have to do Pat to be good enough? I guess she needs to be more like you and get a multi-million dollar tax shelter and a University to name after yourself!”

Another thing that jumped out at me was the fact that many fundamentalists view people like Robin Williams and “the world” as the enemy of the Christian faith. If these people knew anything about the Bible they purport to read, then they’d realize that they aren’t our enemy… they are OUR MISSION. Jesus said our only enemies are the powers of the air (not the airways). Instead of fighting Robin Williams, we should be trying to understand him and where he’s coming from. We should try to understand why he sees things the way he does and try to grasp why he sees the church as he does. No wonder our churches are filled with a toxic “us – them” mentality. When we make the people in the world our “enemy”, how are we supposed to be effective in reaching them?

Oh well, these are just some late night ramblings from an over tired guy.


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