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Why JohnCampea.Com is much much

Why JohnCampea.Com is much much MUCH better than JordonCooper.Com
Although several papers and volumes could be written on this subject, I will save you time by summing up the most vital points of the assertion. In the end I’m sure you’ll agree (most of you probably already do) that JohnCampea.Com is vastly superior to the sad little JordonCooper.Com site. Let us proceed:

1) Jordon currently has about 5 times the traffic that I do. Obviously this means that MY site will load faster, thus saving you, the reader, time and energy.

2) Jordon reads about 100 more books a year than I do. This inevitably leads to much more “wordy” posts on his site. Filling his posts with “insights” and “ideas” that he gleans from a diverse pool of sources just clutters up his writing. The consequence is that you the reader are forced against your will to do an undesirable amount of “thinking”. I, on the other hand, quickly cut to the chase and just tell you what to think, once again saving you time and energy.

3) uses the colour red in the title graphic. This obviously means that Jordon worships the Devil. While I spend a lot of time in prayer and bible study over the posts that I put on my site, Jordon consults fortune tellers and spiritual mediums about the direction of his site. I’m also sure he performs animal sacrifices in his basement on a nightly basis. Of course, I can’t “prove” any of these assertions or back them up with “facts”, but my gut tells me it’s true.

4) Standing at about 6’4 Jordon is a really big guy… and everybody knows that big guys can’t be trusted because they’re secretly Nazi spies.

5) I cheer for the Maple Leafs, while Jordon cheers for the Flames. The Leafs can kick the Flames ass any time any where. Obviously this means I’m a better blogger.

6) Jordon forces his son Mark to wear a Calgary Flames jersey. I’m contemplating contacting Child Services.

7) Jordon frequently travels around speaking at various schools and conferences… showing absolutely NO commitment to his readers. I on the other hand never get invited to speak anywhere, which means I am faithfully here on a consistent basis to write my posts and bring meaning to your empty desolate lives.

I could go on and on, but I think I’ve made my point abundantly clear. So keep reading folks. Less traffic, fewer thoughts, not a devil worshiper, better hockey taste and most importantly… not a secret Nazi spy.


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