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Re-Thinking Tithing I’m starting to

Re-Thinking Tithing
I’m starting to re-think the whole issue of tithing (I think I’m spelling that wrong). I’m just getting so sick and tired of all this money we as christians are giving, ending up paying for church buildings, new wing expansions, carpet cleanings ect. ect. ect. I did a quick survey of 3 churches financial reports. As it turns out, on average 83% of all church money goes to paying for church buildings, building costs, and salaries. On average, less than 4% of these churches annual budgets went to feeding hungry people, clothing naked people, fighting aids, helping drug addicts or alcaholics, paying the bills for low income families ect. ect. ect. The more I read the gospels, the more I’m realizing that the idea of “giving” as preached by Jesus was never about funding organizations or television ministries or even churches. The concept of giving was all about meeting peoples practical needs. I’m sadly discovering that giving to churches only meets the church building needs. Therefore, I’m thinking that from now on I’ll only donate a much smaller portion of my income to an organized church, and use the rest of my giving to meeting peoples needs. Buying food for families or food banks, maybe paying some peoples bills who can’t make ends meet, give more money to the aids crisis in Africa. Basically, I think I’m going to start using my money the way I think Jesus would use it today. You may now begin sending me hate mail. 🙂


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