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StarBucks and Bell Canada Are EVIL

StarbucksEver since moving back to Hamilton I’ve been disheartened by that almost total lack of Wi-Fi (wireless internet) hotspots in town. Heck, even in Saskatoon there were a bunch of them. Places I could go hang out with my laptop and be able to access the web wirelessly.

I’ve always wished that coffee shops here would have it. Especially Chapters (all chapters book stores have Starbucks in them). I’ve always wanted to just go spend an afternoon there with my laptop and write for The Movie Blog or work on my book. Seems like a great place to do it.

So imagine my excitment yesterday when I read a news release saying that all Starbucks in Ontario are now Wi-Fi enabled through an agreement with Bell Canada. I immediatly called my local Chapters book store to ask if this was true. “Yes, we now have wireless internet” they told me with much pride. I was very happy.

So I packed up my laptop and drove out to Chapters planning on spending the afternoon there sipping on milk while eating chocolate chip cookies and working on my book. Yes… this would be a great day… UNTIL…

I got there, bought my cookie and glass of milk. Sat down and fired up my laptop… but when I opened up my web browser it immediatly went to a Bell webpage instead of my regular homepage. This Bell page told me that to access the wireless internet I had to PAY $7.50 FOR 60 MINUTES OF USAGE… OR $13.00 FOR THE DAY… OR $35.00 FOR THE MONTH!

I’m sorry… would you like me to lub up my ass before or after you rape me?!?!?! Are they insane!?!? I pay that much for high speed internet at HOME! Big mistake on their part. I would have easily spent 7-10 afternoons a month in Starbucks spending at least $5-7 each day I was there on their cookies and drinks. But now they’ll get nothing from me because once again… I have no reason to go and hang out there.

Ok, I can MAYBE understand them wanted to charge SOMETHING for the internet usage… but it should have been like $3/day or $10/month at MOST. Corporate greed. Grrr… I’m so mad.


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