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They Broke Into My Car

CarWhy? Why would they do that? I went out to my car this evening to run some errands (including buying a new printer because my old one died about 2 months ago and I need to print stuff). So I go out to my car…

You have to understand that my appratment has outdoor parking only… so anyone can walk up to it if they want. No big deal because that’s no different than anyone who owns a house and parks in their driveway.

So I go out to my car and I notice the door is ajar. I didn’t really think anything of it… until I got closer… and I noticed that my glove box was open because the light was on. That’s when it dawned on me that my car had been broken into.

Now, perhaps the term “broken” into doesn’t really apply since I don’t lock the doors on my car. You see… when I lived in Saskatoon I always kept my doors locked… and that’s where I learned that if someone wants to get into my car then locked doors aren’t going to stop them. So not only did I loose the VCR I had in the backseat… but I also had a $200 broken window that I had to get fixed.

That experience taught me to NOT lock my doors… but rather keep them unlocked, and not keep anything of value in my car. Why lock my doors to protect a $100 car stereo, when they’ll just break a $200 window to get at it?

Anyway, this time nothing was taken out of my car… because I don’t keep anything in it. But it still confuses me. My car looks like junk… why would they even think that something of value be in there? Why risk being seen breaking into a car that obviously doesn’t have anything worth taking in it?

Oh well… just another mystery of the universe I guess.


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