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Why I Like The NHL Shootout

ShootoutOh yes my friends, Hockey is BACK!!! My life is complete again! Now, many changes have been made to the game. Not only the glorious salary cap (The NHLPA should have NEVER opposed it in the first place) but also some new rules (like no centre line), that says if regulation time ends and the game is tied, you play a 5 minute sudden death overtime… and if it’s STILL tied you go to a shootout.

Lots of people have been complaining about the shootout… and to be honest I’m not really sure why. Yes it’s a break with tradition a little bit… but so was a 5 minute overtime… and we all seem to think that’s a good idea now.

The most important thing about the shootout is that IT ELIMINATES TIES! That’s why they have the shootout… to get rid of ties. Ties are stupid. Really stupid. Basketball knows they’re stupid, Baseball knows they’re stupid, Football only has about 1 per year… so why should Hockey have them?

Think about it. 1 team travels 1000 kilometers to the host city. Almost 100 members of the media gather. Television and radio crews arrive with equipment and satellites ready to broadcast the game. 15,000+ people set aside their evenings to buy $70 tickets to come to the arena to watch the game. The two teams battle for 60 minutes risking injury and leaving their hearts on the ice. AND THEN IT ENDS IN A TIE?!?!?! That’s stupid. That’s beyond stupid. Eliminating the tie is one of the best changes that was made to the game in the off season.

Now, an argument could be made (and has been made) that perhaps there would be BETTER ways to eliminate ties instead of the shootout. That’s fair enough and perhaps should be looked at in the future. For now, ANYTHING that eliminates ties is a good thing. Yes… even shootouts… which the fans seem to love… including me.


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