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Visiting Dave in TO

So I’m heading into Toronto tonight to visit my buddy and one of the world’s most quality people Mr. David Lapsley. I always look forward to visiting Dave out there for several reasons. We usually just end up hanging out at his place, yack, share funny internet stuff we’ve found, play some vids, watch DVDs… and most importantly… EAT FAVORITE CASSEROLE!

You have to understand, Dave makes this dish… that when you think about it is pretty simple… but I LOVE IT. He calls it “Favorite Casserole” and it’s nothing more really than noodles and ground beef with different sauces. But oh my goodness I just melt whenever we have it… and I always stuff myself silly till I hurt. But it’s SOOO worth it.

Oh yes my sweet casserole… I am on my way. Prepare to be devoured with love.


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