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Half Life 2 Kills Audio Edition

Sometimes I amaze myself with my level of stupidity. But this one takes the cake. Remember last week I mentioned that I lost an episode of The Audio Edition before I had a chance to get it up an online? Remember how I said I won’t let something like that happen again? Yeah well… I did.

Here’s the story. I used to play a LOT of video games… but haven’t really done much in the last 3 years. A few months ago I had to get a new computer and I started pulling out some old games once in a while. Not much… just a little. Fun times. Anyway…

Yesterday I picked up a copy of Half Life 2. Oh I was so excited to get home and play it! I hadn’t played a “new” first person shooter game in YEARS. So I get home at about 4pm, just an hour before Doug is supposed to come over to record that day’s installment of The Audio Edition. I LOVE THE GAME!!! So Doug shows up, I save the game and close out of it.

Doug and I record the show and Doug leaves while the show is still just sitting there on my desktop in Adobe Audition waiting to be mixed down and saved… but do I mix it down and save it right away? NNnnoooooooooo….

You see… apparently I have the attention span of a 7 year old. I was so anxious to start playing Half Life 2 again that I just left Audition open and fired up Half Life thinking “I’ll just play for a little while and then mix and save the show… no problem”. So I start playing Half Life again and about 20 minutes into it I think “I should do the show now”… but kept playing anyway. 30 more minutes pass and I think to myself “I bet I can bump up all the setting on the game way past the recommended settings”. Yeah that was smart.

I reset all the setting past their recommended limits… and poof! My computer reboots!!!!! I didn’t think anything of it… until it downed on me… “I HADN’T SAVED THE SHOW YET!?!?!?! Yup… the show was gone. And now Doug will kill me. I’m so dumb.

From now on… I swear… as SOON as we’re done recording I’m going to mix and save the show… no eating… no coke first… no bathroom break. Mix and Save. Mix and Save. Mix and Save. GHaaaaaa!


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