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Buying Music Through iTunes

As I write this I’m listening to my most recent music purchase, the Solsbury Hill Live version song from the Secret World Live album of Peter Gabriel. It’s such a good song… and such a good album too. I remember by buddies Tran, Rod Jeff and a few others would sit around and watch the video version of this live concert YEARS ago.

Anyway, the avenue which I purchased this song was through the iTunes music store for (in Canadian funds) $1.29. That’s totally reasonable, and it’s so damn easy. Do I still download the odd “pirated” copy of some songs? Honestly yes.. .but not often… and a lot less since they made such an easy and inexpensive way for me to get the music quickly and without hassle. Not to mention it’s legal (that little thing).

Honestly, if you haven’t tried buying music off of iTunes you should give it a shot. It’s easy, cheap, legal and it gets a little addictive looking through the online iTunes store finding tons of great music.

Oh, and if you’re already using iTunes make sure to go to the music store and under “Podcasts” search for “The Movie Blog” and subscribe to The Audio Edition. 🙂


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