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David Uguccioni And A New Reason To Love Holloween

Saturday night I had the honor of getting together with Mr. Dave Uguccioni. I’ve probably only seen this guy once in the last 8 months… totally my loss.

Dave is a terrific guy. I met him when I was taking my law program at Niagara. He’s a lot younger than me… but we hit it off from the first day we met and is just one of those guys you seem to have a good time when you’re around him.

So we got together in St. Catharines to watch my beloved Toronto Maple Leafs get their asses totally handed to them by the Ottawa Senetors who slaughtered my beloved team 8-0. After which we header over to Stella’s night club. It was an enjoyable night… most people there were in costumes and a lot of them were very creative… but Dave made an interesting observation…

Dave (being a psychology major at the University of Toronto) observed that he felt deep down most woman want to be porn stars. He based this observation on the fact that almost every woman there (hundreds of them) when presented with the opportunity to “dress up and play pretend” wore some sort of very sexually provocative costume. Skimpy nurse outfits, skimpy angel and devil outfits, skimpy cowgirl outfits, skimpy police outfits… skimpy skimpy skimpy.

This lead both Dave and I to proclaim Holloween as our new favorite holliday of the year.

Oh by the way, the girl in the picture with Dave is not his girlfriend. It’s another woman who was also in our program… and no… she’s not drunk in the picture either… just blinking. It’s one of the only pictures of Dave I could find and I didn’t think he wanted me to post the picture of him working in Tim Hortons.

All hail Holloween!


October 30, 2005 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. *ahem* How does dressing skimpily reveal porn star tendencies? Skimpy clothing = porn star?

    You two were soo drunk when you thought of that, weren’t you. 😛

    Comment by Arethusa | November 3, 2005 | Reply

  2. well if he’s a psych major his observations MUST be accurate.

    Comment by darth | November 3, 2005 | Reply

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