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In Loving Memory of Elway

When I lived in Saskatoon I had a freind named Jordon Cooper (the man who also introduced me to blogging). Jordon had a great dog named Elway (Jordon is a fanatical Denver Broncos fan). Elway was a big black dog with terrific temperment and a personality all his own.

Recently Jordon took Elway to the vets because he’s been quite sick. That’s when Jordon found out that Elway had cancer and had to be euthanized.

The following links will take you to a series of Jordon’s blog posts that tell a really heart wrentching story of a family pet that was more like a member of the family. I’m not being sarcastic folks… it’s really a heart breaker of a story… but one that reminds us of how much something as silly as a dog can come to mean to us. I suggest you read this in order.

Good boy Elway… good boy.

  • Sunday October 30th – Jordon Mentions Elway has been sick
  • Monday October 31st 1:30pm – Jordon is worried about Elways health and tells some great Elway stories.
  • Monday October 31st 4:31pm – Jordon just back from the vets where he found out Elway had Liver Cancer and has to be put down. They brought Elway home for the one last night to say good bye.
  • Monday October 31st 7:42pm – Wendy (Jordon’s wife) posts about their last night with Elway, tells some really touching Elway sotries and talk about how they took him trick or treating with their son Mark that night.
  • Tuesday November 1st – Jordon tells the story of Elways last moments as he was euthanized earlier that morning.

You’re pretty much a heartless beast if this story doesn’t touch you in some way. I’m heading out to Saskachewan next week and I’m sure I’ll be seeing Jordon when I do… but it’ll be weird to see his house without that black clad warrior guarding the door.


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