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To Move or not To Move… that is the question

I’m so fickle. I’ve been going back and forth over this for months. The question is “Should I move”?

Ok, here’s the story… the Law Firm I WAS working at is in Downtown Hamilton. I found this little Bachelor apartment just a 5 minute walk from the office… so I took it. It’s small… but it’s just me living alone so it’s not like I need much space. I don’t really like the apartment all that much… but it is big enough… I like the area… and it’s pretty cheap.

I’ve always been one of those people who wants to live BELOW their means. A recent survey I read said the average Canadian between the ages of 23-45 spend about 0.6% MORE than they earn. That’s crazy! That means everyone is in debt!

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. The fact of the matter is that I can afford something a little bit nicer than what I’m living in now. So I go out looking at places and get all excited about moving. But then I keep asking myself “John…. do you NEED to move?”

What do I NEED that this apartment isn’t giving me at the moment? Although small… I can’t say I NEED more space… because I don’t. The place isn’t falling apart. There aren’t noisy people living here (it’s actually really quiet). The Landlord is pretty personable… but I just don’t know!!!

Someone (who was trying to be encouraging) said I should get a bigger place because I should live more like I’m grown up. But it that what “grown up” means? Spending more money on things you don’t need?

Anyway… I’m really torn. Some days I wake up and can’t wait to get out of here, and then other days (like today) I wake up and think I’m crazy for thinking of moving when I have everything I need and a really inexpensive price. Why spend $200 or $300 more dollars a month on something I don’t need? Grrrr… I’m torn.


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