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Red Alert at the Airport

My flight to Regina Saskatchewan was supposed to depart at 8:20am from the Toronto airport. We boarded the plane on time, but we couldn’t take off because the cargo bay door was damaged and they were trying to fix it. We sat on the plane for 20 minutes and they finally told us we were changing planes.

The problem is, as we were sitting there waiting to take off on our original plane… a severe thunderstorm rolled in and caused a “Red Alert”. This means all airport personnel weren’t allowed to be outside… so the plane couldn’t get loaded. So we had to sit in the terminal for about 2 more hours before we finally left.

Here’s the thing… when they announced the “Red Alert” they didn’t say “Due to the weather, we have a Red Alert”… no no no… they just announced “Due to the Red Alert the flights are delayed”.

Ok… so almost no one there knew what the hell a “Red Alert” was. Half the people I looked at looked paniced. Like they thought some sort of terrorist attack had just happened. Look out! We’re under “Red Alert”!!! Morons.

The pictures above are of my plane sitting there just waiting to go… and the terminal getting pretty busy as flights were delayed for over 2 hours. It was getting pretty tight in there. Click on the picture to see larger versions.


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