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Hanging at Shannon and Myrons’

The last day or two I’ve been hanging out at Shannon and Myron’s here in Saskatoon. These are two magnificent people. Two of the most fun folks you could ever be around, and also two of the most talented people I’ve ever known.

Myron is just a machine of genius in just about everything he puts his hands to. Shannon and I worked together at Satellite Studios for a while where she was a visual effets artist par excellance.

They also have a band called Whoosh that are just fantastic, and they run a studio formerly called “The Bin” but has now been renamed “Bright Blue Studios”. Anyway, I’ve been hanging my hat here.

Shannon has also been helping me record a song of mine I’ve been working on. The pictures above are of us working away. You can see larger versions of the pics by clicking on them. More later.


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